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Helping women and leaders find balance.
Helping charities do good.

You work hard. You live and breathe the mission of your organization. You’re up at night trying to solve the many problems that affect the social profit sector. You love your community and want to help those in need. But what happens with your vision and drive when you, or one of your team members, go on parental leave? How will you deliver on your mission while ensuring a supportive space for new parents?

Balanced Good is taking baby steps in tackling the high staff turnover and burnout rates in the social-profit sector by supporting organizations, like yours, in nurturing your relationships with your most valued asset – your dedicated employees. We believe in creating an environment where new parents can be fully supported in achieving their career goals.

Through Balanced Good, you gain access to a team of stable, talented, and experienced professionals who are supportive of your vision for the role and organization. A team that wants you to excel and who can support you and your team as they transition in and out of parental leave. We bring a strategic lens to your team and offer recommendations to implement and refine processes to better meet the needs of both the new parent and your organization.

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The quality of Balanced Good’s work, and Lacey’s obvious commitment to the success of the organizations she is working with, has overcome much unease that our Board has suffered when it comes to fundraising and investing in fundraising resources.

Colleen Miller, President, Board of Directors,
Grand Valley Educational Society

Lacey’s professionalism and customized approach were just what we needed for our small but mighty organization.

John Lepp,
Agents of Good

Lacey is the real deal. I’ve known her in a number of capacities but the one that stands out the most is when she approached me to make a sizable sponsorship for an event she was spearheading. She was thoughtful in her approach and ask, she had done the research to know what the right amount to ask for was and listened to what mattered to me the most.


Always intelligent, always thoughtful and always passionate. Our sector could use more women like her. 

Rebecca Sherbino,
The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

Working with Lacey has set up our organization  for fundraising success. As a small non-profit on a (very!) limited budget, hiring a fundraising consultant was daunting. Lacey was instrumental in helping us develop a unique and personalized fundraising plan that flows through all aspects of our organization.


We have loved her heart for small non-profits and passion to make a tangible difference in our community. It has been a pleasure to work with her!

Mike Peasgood,
Board Director & Fundraising Committee Chair, Supportive Housing of Waterloo



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Building a successful career in the charitable sector is hard work. Parenting is challenging and life-changing. Finding a way to balance both work and parenting sometimes feels impossible.

Initially, Balanced Good was established to help me find some semblance of a balance. However, starting this business and working with others in the social-profit sector has prompted me to re-evaluate what balance truly means. As a sector, we need to do better. We need to be more supportive of women and parents in the workforce, we need to set women up for success in their careers as they also navigate the physical and hormonal changes that come with becoming a mother.

At Balanced Good, we recognize that career goals and hopes can ebb and flow throughout various seasons of life. And just like that stumbly, awkward first step of a one-year-old, we are here to take our baby steps in supporting our sector in doing a better job of building up and supporting mothers and parents.  

With a decade of experience in progressive non-profit fundraising work, I pride myself in creating strategic, authentic relationships with the organization I am championing and their donors. I have a real and genuine desire to make a difference in the charitable sector.

I’m also a mom of three wonderful children, they keep me on my toes, they force me to refine my prioritizing and multitasking skills, and they inspire me to do this work to make a bigger impact in our community and beyond.

My career has focused on major gifts, because of this I am a true relationship builder. Beyond major gifts, I have experience in stewardship and donor retention, mid-level giving, events, marketing and communications, and corporate sponsorship. My experience in healthcare philanthropy means I know how to navigate complex organizations. My experience as a mother has allowed me to further develop all of these skills.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to surround myself with other mothers, parents, and experts in the social profit sector. As our Balanced Good team grows, and we take these baby steps in pushing our sector to new heights, know that we’ve got you. We are here to support you and help you shine.


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Proudly working from Paris, Ontario.

Thanks so much for your message, I'm so glad you are interested in searching for your balance. I will be in touch soon to chat about your fundraising needs.

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