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Top 6 Giving Tuesday Tips

Updated: Apr 27

Don't have a lot of time? Feeling overwhelmed? Read these quick tips (less than a 2 minute read!) on making the most of Giving Tuesday and how you can create a clear story and journey for your donors, not just a one-time transactional gift.

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#1 - Be clear about the impact of a donation to your organization. Have a specific ask.

For example, “When you donate $25 today, you’ll help to reach our goal of $10,000 to do X" (finish building a home for 1 family, buy a new piece of equipment that saves lives, etc.)

#2 - Add a matching component. Ask one of your loyal and most generous donors if they would consider matching all gifts. It doesn’t have to be a large amount. Even something like, “All donations up to $500 will be matched on Giving Tuesday. Double your impact today!” will inspire people to give.

#3 - Get creative. People are flooded with eblasts and social media posts on Giving Tuesday. Consider sending yours out the day before or doing something fun and different, like a short video or a gratitude post thanking your volunteers.

#4 - Get inspired. Listen to Cindy Wagman’s The Small Non-Profit Podcast to feel inspired, hear new perspectives and get outside of your own bubble. You can listen while you’re driving or doing dishes - it’s a quick, easy and painless way to come up with new ideas.

#5 - Keep it simple. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just trying doing one new thing.

One e-blast can go a long way!

#6 - Make Follow-up Count! There’s no point in engaging new and existing donors if you aren’t going to report back on the impact of their support. Whether it’s a simple e-mail, text, or phone call, make sure to follow-up and specifically report back on the impact of their gift, total raised on Giving Tuesday, and what these funds will be used for.

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